Boarding pets are taken care of by veterinary technicians and assistants.  Veterinarians are also on site 6 days a week.  Often pets will have their annual vaccines or dental cleanings conducted while they are staying with us.


Add a little sparkle to your pet with a bath and groom. Be sure to schedule your next groom before your pets hair starts to mat because this can be painful for them.

Preventative Medicine


It is always easier to prevent problems than trying to solve them after they occur. Let our TEAM help you set up a disease prevention plan for your pet.



Dental disease not only causes bad breath, but can lead to heart and kidney problems.  Proper dental care can add up to 2 years on your pets life!


Frankfort Animal Hospital has a surgery suite to conduct routine and complex surgeries.

Laser Surgery


Our doctors can use a Laser for surgical procedures.  A beam of light makes all the incisions.  This creates less pain and swelling after the surgery and less bleeding during the procedure.  It is best way to conduct a cat declaw.



Proper nutrition is important for your pets health.  Nutritional needs can change over time, so our staff can help you figure out what is best for your pet.

Behavior Consultation


Pets sometimes have behavior problems that need professional help.

Therapy Laser & Pain Management

Every pet will have some type of pain in their life.  This may be acute pain like a sprained ligament or chronic pain like arthritis.  Pets can not tell us what hurts, so we need to look for other signs to figure out how to help them be more comfortable.